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Expert of the Week: Heli Nissilä – driving forth sustainable innovation

Heli Nissilä is an expert in sustainable business and mainstreaming sustainable innovation, for example, in new renewable energy technologies.

Heli Nissilä
Heli Nissilä

“I have 10+ years of experience from university-affiliated research and teaching in this area, where I have worked for several multi-stakeholder projects, engaging widely also with practitioners like companies, funders and intermediaries in the innovation system.”

Heli is interested in the following areas: driving forth sustainable innovation, entrepreneurship and start-ups especially in fields related to sustainability, development of higher education including its research landscape, and organization and management theory.

“I have a strong track record in managing collaborative research teams, conducting high quality academic research, and organizing and coordinating events and projects both within and outside academia.”

Heli’s personal strengths include strong analytical capability, literal talent including fluency in multiple languages, a drive towards solutions that work in practice, and endless curiosity towards new topics and opportunities of learning.

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