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Expert of the Week: Hannu Hjerppe – “You have to go far enough to be able to look close”

Hannu Hjerppe is an industrial designer and CEO of his one-man-company Diff Design Oy, a design and 3D consultancy in Fiskars, Finland.

Hannu Hjerppe

Hannu’s work is about inventing solutions, for example, how to combine visual quality, ergonomics or maintenance with cost-effective manufacturing methods. He has over 20 years of experience in R&D of industrial products.

Hannu wants to create something new, and he says that product design, R&D are about solving issues.

“Finding the perfect solution is the highlight. For instance, a recent industrial design project was a gas turbine by Aurelia Turbines, the casing of a power station. There was an engineering company in charge of construction design but first I came up with ideas of industrial design and sheet metal based construction of columns, beams and removable panels for easy access to any component inside.”

Hannu says that it’s important to think outside the box.

“You have to go far enough to be able to look close.”

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