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Expert of the Week: Gloria Zuniga – “When you solve the challenge, you feel the force of moving mountains with your know-how”

Gloria Zuniga’s passion is the desire of working as a bridge between the two places she calls home, Finland and Colombia. She wants to help creating jobs in both countries.

Gloria Zuniga
Gloria Zuniga

Her motto is ‘doing good business, saving the planet’.

“When you solve the challenge and you see the results of your work, you feel the force of moving mountains with your know-how. And then you ask yourself ‘when we will start the next?’. That is energy in action.”

Gloria is an architect with specialization in urban design and environmental architecture according to the principles of sustainable development. She has over 18 years of experience in marketing, industrial project management, industrial and architectural design and business.

“Challenges make your mind go every time further, make you discover new things, develop your curiosity and you always learn a lot from them. No matter the result, I guarantee that.”

Her expertise lies especially in the participation of environmentally efficient projects, along with technologies having the necessary qualities to be exported to Latin America, focus being currently on Colombia and the Caribbean area.

“We all are solvers, we all have the capacity to make changes, to go further and find the right solution. The secret is how we do it and why we do it. If we are doing, what we do, only because it is our job, probably results will be good. If we do, what we do, because to work in our field, makes us feel great and we are confident about the difference our work is creating, the results will be amazing.”

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