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Expert of the Week: Frank Kinces – building as many renewable energy power plants as possible


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Our Expert of the Week Frank Kinces says that his passion is to develop and build as many renewable energy power plants as possible to stop the climate change and preserve environment and snow on mountains. He passionately advises on new solutions in the field of renewable energy that will secure the sustainable future.

Frank Kinces
Frank Kinces

Frank holds an MSc. degree in electrical power engineering from Chalmers Technology University in Sweden.

“I am experienced in technical creativity and organization of workshops to enhance innovation in companies. I have a past demonstrated experience in managing research and development projects developing products in power industry, such as power plant generators for gas-fired and steam power plants, instrument and ring-core transformers.”

In addition, Frank has technical and practical knowledge in generator specific insulation technologies, resin impregnation technologies, and insulation materials.

He solves the impact of introducing new e-mobility solutions in cities and countries by proposing renewable energy development projects to cover the increasing electric and hydrogen energy demand.

“I have proposed a feasibility study of introducing the renewable energy mix for ski-resort in South-East Europe. I assist and advise on technical feasibility studies and financial analyses of onshore and solar wind parks and oversee the whole project management of developing renewable energy sites from feasibility, through design, construction, and delivery of renewable energy power plants. I advise on grid connection studies, wind and solar measurements and environmental impact assessments by applying my technical and leadership skills.”