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Expert of the Week: Eric Bruun – making cities more livable

Solved’s Expert of the Week Eric Bruun says that his passion is to improve the sustainability of cities while simultaneously making them more livable.

Eric Bruun
Eric Bruun

Eric wants to bring the state-of-the-practice in transport system design and operations to places that appreciate it.

“I started professional life working for the US Navy, but I didn’t want to be an expert in a small very technical discipline my entire life. So, I went back to school to broaden my knowledge into the much more interdisciplinary field of transportation engineering. Since then, I have primarily been a transport-related consultant with special expertise in public transport.”

Eric has over 20 years experience in several countries, including as a project leader.

“I am currently visiting professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Aalto University in Finland. I teach courses in urban transport systems planning, public transport, logistics and transportation modeling. I am currently engaged in efforts to improve urban transport in sub-Saharan Africa.”

He also assists governments and other institutions in identifying their goals and objectives at the early stages of project development.