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Expert of the Week: Eline Leising – specializing in circular economy material flows

Eline Leising is specialized in circular economy and analyzing material flows and supply chains related to them.

Eline Leising
Eline Leising

Eline is motivated to make a sustainable impact and to set an example that shows you can also do things differently.

“I’m working in the field of circular economy and in my personal life I apply these circular principles as well. I only buy second hand clothing or circular jeans, almost all my furniture comes from an online second-hand market place and I use my own bottles and coffee cups everywhere to prevent using unnecessary packaging for instance.”

In her graduation research she investigated circular economy in the built environment. She presented this research amongst others at the Industrial Technologies Conference (Amsterdam, 2016), the Conference for the International Society of Industrial Ecology (Chicago, 2017) and the International Sustainability Transitions Conference (Gothenburg, 2017).

“The challenge I see is that especially in developing countries waste management is very limited, so a lot of waste ends up in landfills and plastics in the oceans. So, I am very committed to solve this issue; preferably around plastic waste in Indonesia, the second largest contributor to the plastic waste problem worldwide.”

Within Rebel the Netherlands Eline works on assignments around strategy and organizational change for (semi) public parties in the waste and recycling market. Eline worked for instance on the programme management of a Fund that invests in projects to make the packaging sector circular and she worked on a strategic plan for an Amsterdam based waste management company, in a transition from waste handler to a supplier of (recycled) resources.

Eline is result driven and investigative and always looks for ways to combine analysis with a concrete application for solutions.

“Always take the stakeholder context into account. Always look for the different perspectives and the collective goal. With the latter in mind you can establish your solution collectively.”

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