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Expert of the Week: Elina Warsta – a forest products professional with strong background in research and internationalization

Solved’s Expert of the Week Elina Warsta is a forest products engineer with strong background in research and teaching, specialized in advanced analytical methods for chemical analysis. Elina has several years of international experience in development cooperation.

Elina Warsta
Elina Warsta

“I am passionate about constant learning, and currently working with international trade and development by supporting Finnish companies to join projects funded by international financial institutions, United Nations organizations and agencies, or foundations with geographical focus on Vietnam and Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Elina has managed UNECE/FAO forest sector capacity building projects in the Caucasus and Central Asia, implemented by social participatory methods. She is accustomed to work in politically challenging environments in countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Montenegro, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

“I have organized numeral international events up to 500 participants, and I am accustomed to liaise with governments, NGOs and international organizations.”