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Expert of the Week: Elina Peltola – “There are always things to be improved”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Elina Peltola has over ten years of progressive experience within sales, supply chain and sourcing management and proven ability to lead international cross-functional teams, negotiate contracts, develop long-term sourcing strategies, manage working capital, complete cost analysis and source from low-cost countries.

Elina Peltola
Elina Peltola

“I simply love helping people and organizations and using my professional skills to help them to become successful. I believe that there are always things to be improved, and solving these challenges one by one is also a step towards a bit more effective and sustainable future.”

Elina says that her passion is to find ways to improve the processes to be more lean, to find savings and to improve companies’ competitiveness by having the simplest and the most effective logistics solutions for material, money and people.

“Regarding the supply chain related challenges, my key to success is to follow the phrase ‘less is more’. To be reactive, agile and sustainable it’s important to keep both the physical and data flows as simple and lean as possible.”