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Expert of the Week: Dmitry Sazonov – a great problem solver is well-qualified, passionate and focused

Our Expert of the Week Dmitry Sazonov creates valuable concepts to make current processes more effective and sustainable.

Dmitry Sazonov
Dmitry Sazonov

Dmitry started his career in projects of decentralized power supply and energy audit as an engineer and project manager. He has also worked for an affiliate of a German international consulting and engineering company, being responsible for development strategy in the Russian territory.

Nowadays, he is creating his own international practice with a strong focus on science-based engineering innovations.

“While solving challenges alone or in a team you are making your environment in a broad sense – yourself, family, company and city – stronger and more sustainable.”

Dmitry says that by solving particular challenges, you can make an impact and share the sustainability with those who are in need, moving from local communities towards resolving the major challenges of humanity.

“In my opinion, being a great problem solver means to be well-qualified, passionate and focused. To be honest, I am not sure if there is a big difference in definitions depending on the exact field. To solve challenges in a proper way you always need some certain skills and to believe in what are you doing. In that sense, I’d say a lot of passionate engineers and scientists are excellent role models for a problem solver.”