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Expert of the Week: Diana Gheorghiu – solving challenges is a trait of human nature


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Solved’s Expert of the Week Diana Gheorghiu is an environmental consultant with 10 years of experience. Diana has participated in a series of environmental projects, in various sectors including oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industry.

Diana Gheorghiu
Diana Gheorghiu

She is experienced in implementing and auditing safety, environmental, quality, occupational health and safety and social accountability management systems.

“Solving challenges is a trait of human nature, I believe. It is often in our power to solve, or at least contribute to solving all kinds of challenges around us, no matter if they are small or big, easy or complicated to solve, or if these have an immediate or indirect effect on us, our community or planet in general. What motivates me is the peace of mind I have after a job well done and the sense of accomplishment I get by contributing to meaningful projects with positive practical impact on the environment and society.”

Diana says that she has learned that environmental problems are seldom straight-forward and easily remediated, and taking into consideration all possible implications of the solutions you have in mind is crucial for the long term success of your mission.

“Take in all the knowledge on the matter you can get, put together a suitable group of experts and steer open and constructive discussions on the ‘challenge’, then come up with a draft solution which you cross check and adjust with relevant stakeholders, in order to come up with a final action plan.”