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Expert of the Week: Anna Velander Gisslén – “If you once have opened someone’s eyes, they cannot close them again”

Anna Velander Gisslén

Anna Velander Gisslén is an engagement driven communicator and project executive that cares for inclusion and sustainability.

She believes that ecodesign and digital innovation will answer many problems of today, as well as inclusion for all and that programming knowledge is a matter of democracy.

Anna wants to make people aware of the benefits with sustainability.

“If you once have opened someone’s eyes and made them realize how important it is with gender equality and turn into a circular economy, they cannot close them again. By that we become more and more people working for a better society.”

She is passion-driven and with the ambition to contribute to change. She runs projects with sustainability focus, as project manager but also as communication operative.

Anna helps people and companies to learn more about circular economy, working in a wide range with assignments as business development, strategies, moderator and attend seminars in panels and more.

“Solving challenges is a great way to improve different areas in our lives. With problem solving, new innovations can be created, and we can develop opportunities to move towards a more sustainable and inclusive society.”

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