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Expert of the Week: Andrew Eil – finding creative solutions and interacting with local partners

Solved’s Expert of the Week Andrew Eil is an independent consultant specializing in climate change and clean energy policy, impact investing, and international development.

Andrew Eil
Andrew Eil

With nearly 15 years of international experience in public policy, diplomacy, sustainability initiatives, community development, and program design and implementation, Andrew brings versatility and interdisciplinary expertise to a broad portfolio spanning multilingual field work, strategic planning, multi-stakeholder coordination, resource mobilization, and thought leadership.

Andrew has always loved problem-solving, ideally in an applied, hands-on context, like in developing countries or within individual enterprises and social ventures.

“I relish the opportunity to find creative solutions, interact with local partners, and get my hands dirty on the ground.”

Andrew  says that he loves foreign languages and cultures. He has immersed himself in the cultures and languages of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and France.

“My greatest challenge was moving to Kazakhstan in 2003 to take a new long-term job, knowing no one and being new to the region and to the working world. It was thrilling. I ended up staying four years.”