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Expert of the Week: Amos Ncube – fostering green industry strategies in Zimbabwe and in several other African countries

Solved’s Expert of the Week Amos Ncube has experience in carrying out research and developmental support services in Zimbabwe and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region on a wide range of areas.

Amos Ncube
Amos Ncube

Over the past years, he has been working on the industrial applications of life cycle sustainability assessment, corporate environmental management, and greening supply chains.

“I am an individual who is motivated towards ensuring that industries are efficient in their resource utilization – energy, water and raw materials – and to ensure that there are no significant environmental effects on the receiving environment and communities.”

Amos has a deep interest in the life cycle of manufactured goods, environmental innovation and sustainability transitions to circular and green economy. He says that it is becoming evident that the current patterns of consumption and production are not sustainable and require new paradigms and enhanced technical capacities for developing countries to cope.

“It is therefore imperative that green industrial transformation is required through to adopting sustainable consumption and production, and circular economy.”

Amos says that transferring these cleaner and green production approaches has been greatly hampered by the lack of capacity, funding, technical resources and other country-specific barriers.

“My key role is to foster green industry strategies in Zimbabwe and other African countries through technical assistance, capacity building, and consulting and standards development.”