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Expert of the Week: Ambrose Kwankam Njila – finding solutions to global threats of environmental degradation

Source: Pixabay

Solved’s Expert of the Week Ambrose Kwankam Njila says that his interests are in natural resource governance and environmental policy design and implementation.

Ambrose Kwankam Njila
Ambrose Kwankam Njila

“I have keen interest in sustainability within the extraction industry particularly related to diverse stakeholder participation, especially local people and indefinite communities.”

Ambrose says that the clean development mechanism, climate finance and the joint implementation mechanism are his areas of focus in the scope of global response. These areas help to boost the position of both governments and companies to take the lead in environmental protection.

“I am a passionate about climate change and development. Considering the challenges of protecting our environment in the midst of numerous human needs. I am fascinated in finding solutions to global threats of environmental degradation. Climate adaptation and mitigation measures are quite important for new development options globally.”