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Expert of the Week: Alexander Kercevic – “Action speaks louder than words”

Alexander Kercevic works for Bluewater, a world leading water purification company with its global headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Alexander Kercevic
Alexander Kercevic

Bluewater innovates, manufactures and commercializes compact water purifiers for residential, business and public use that harness the company’s patented reverse osmosis technology to remove virtually all pollutants from tap water, including lead, bacteria, pesticides, medical residues, chlorine and lime-scale.

“Our passion is to prevent plastic bottles ending up in the ocean or on our beaches.”

He says that their water is purified locally with minimal waste, which eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles and transportation.

Alexander says that action speaks louder than words. You should be susceptible to impulses from every possible angle. You can find inspiration at the most unexpected places.

“Don’t look after a single solution, collecting a set of ideas, and then start finding out which one fits best.”

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