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Expert of the Week: Alberto Gramegna – addressing sustainability in architecture

Our Expert of the Week Alberto Gramegna says that his interest is for an architecture careful to the territory and at the same time interacting with the environmental climatic factors of its surroundings.

Alberto Gramegna
Alberto Gramegna

“I gained my experience working for 10 years through different cities in Europe like Rome, Barcelona, Zurich, Istanbul in the sector of Architecture and Design. My architectural academic training began at the Polytechnic of Bari.”

After his Master’s degree in Architecture at “La Sapienza” in Rome Alberto obtained Postgraduate Master in Architecture Energy and Environment at UPC of Barcelona.

“The construction industry accounts for about 40 percent of energy resources. The theme for the reduction of energy costs during construction, choice of materials and architectural artifact management is crucial if you want to change the unsustainable trend of the energy needs in the world.“