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Expert of the Week: Ado Juráček – “Graphic design can help to improve our environment”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Ado Juráček has studied graphic design at Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava. After his graduation Ado worked for Milk Studio.

Ado Juráček
Ado Juráček

“I gained there lot of working experiences, however, I felt that I need to be more free. So, I decided to become a freelancer and I started my own studio called Malina. This gave me an opportunity to offer design the way I see it.”

Ado says that his passion is to connect letters, symbols, pictures and colors together and create a visual identity for a company or a new product.

“It is lot of trying and playing with signs. It’s a creative type of communication with people.”

He says that graphic design can help to improve our environment.

“In discussion with our clients we propose solutions which create more sustainable graphic design. Our concept is to reduce, reuse and recycle. Furthermore, this concept is giving us more options for new ideas which are special and original. We also like traditional methods used in graphic design and printing.”