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Companies changing their habits to save the planet – requesting Airbnb to add a category for sustainable homes

In October, thousands of people gathered in Helsinki to demand swift action on climate change.

More ambitious targets, clear decisions and concrete actions were requested, and to certain extend also promised by the political leaders, particularly by Minister of the Interior Kai Mykkänen and acting Greens chair Maria Ohisalo.

Very good!

During the demonstration, I started to think who are the ones, who can quickly act and make impact.

We people are the ones driving the development and demanding more environmentally friendly options. Behavior change is needed and future can and will be better – even when living with less.

As Mari Pantsar, Director of Resource-wise and carbon-neutral society at Sitra, wrote in Maaseudun Tulevaisuus:

“Climate-friendly everyday life may be different from what we are used to, but it can be better in many ways.”

We need the targets, carrot and sticks, to guide us people. As an entrepreneur, I see that businesses responsibility is to create value for the benefit of human kind, not only for the shareholders.

New initiative, Zerobnb, by Neste and the City of Helsinki to promote more sustainable living by requesting Airbnb to add a category for sustainable homes is a great way to strive change.

Big players with vast reach to millions of consumers have the means to accelerate the global change.

Funny detail in this amazing campaign getting huge visibility around the world invented by TBWA is that one of the sustainable homes listed on  is our simple off-grid cabin by Lake Saimaa.

Who are the companies who should, can make a difference – and how?

The topic of November’s Smart Up Thursday is sustainable and responsible tourism. The event will be held in Finnish on November 1st at Allas Sea Pool, Helsinki. Register here.

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