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3 must-knows about the social media marketing in China


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On Monday, dozens of marketers participated in the Effective Marketing & Communications in China event in Helsinki. The event was organized by Nordic Friend and Techcode Finland.

The event provided insights on what is happening in China’s social media at the moment and how to be more effective in the ever-changing Chinese social media sphere.

China is one of the Solved’s key markets, and we always want to learn more about the Chinese market. The China specialists presented many good examples and views about the Chinese social media. Here are three key points for marketing as I saw and heard it.

1. Always offer something special

Scandinavian minimalism is not always the thing in the Chinese market. Chinese social media users are the most active in the world, and they want more and more daily content, especially visually appealing content. Above all, they want something special also in social media. From the Nordic point of view, good things are good, but in China, only the best things are good enough.

“Life in Hel” was amazing, said Olli Lehtonen, Digital Marketing Manager at Finavia.

Finavia’s #LIFEINHEL campaign is an excellent example of versatility. Ryan Zhu, a well-known Chinese actor and key opinion leader, lived in a cabin in Helsinki Airport for one month last fall. Finavia’s campaign was a combination of social media, reality TV and marketing.

2. Make long-term commitments

Many organizations start using Weibo or WeChat but suddenly they just quit posting. In Chinese social media you need patience and verified accounts. You have to integrate your content into the Chinese context, quickly translated content is not enough.

Information overload is a real phenomenon and you have to find your own path. Following others is not enough either. But one thing is certain: social media marketing infused with endorsements is a must.

Localize your mind, think like Chinese, told Tianran Li, Project Specialist at ePassi Payment Oy (Alipay Team).

3. Be ready to learn fast

You have to be committed, but also ready to learn fast and try new things. As Arto Haapea, experienced China specialist from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland explained, your market expertise expires in one month after you have left China.

So, move fast and be bold, like the City of Helsinki on WeChat. Many Chinese and international organizations see WeChat’s Mini Programs as an effective way to build brand in the Chinese market, and the City of Helsinki seems to be on the move early enough.

Helsinki reaches out to Chinese travellers with WeChat Mini Program, said Jesse Ketonen, Chairman at Nordic Friend.

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