Research Blog: Tailored expertise to the forefront – What is best about working on the Solved platform?

Experts consider that they get to focus very specifically on their core expertise area When we talked with experts of the Solved platform in...


We’re hiring: Two Regional Sales Managers (Nordics and Central Europe)

We are looking for two (2) experienced full-time REGIONAL SALES MANAGERS (Nordics and Central Europe) to join our core team. SOLVED is revolutionizing the expert industry: from...


“How to trust someone you’ve not met in person?” – Solved’s Santtu Hulkkonen at “Roast of Solved”

Solved’s CEO Santtu Hulkkonen was roasted on Wednesday in Helsinki when Pöyry celebrated its 60th anniversary at the Finlandia Hall. Here are some highlights from...


SOLVED, an online advisory service and collaboration platform, has raised €1,1 million – “Our responsibility is to fight climate change together”, says SOLVED’s CEO Santtu Hulkkonen

The green economy growth company SOLVED has raised approximately €1,1 million in its two investment rounds. SOLVED closed the second investment round at the...


SOLVED, kestävän talouden digitaalinen asiantuntijapalvelu ja yhteistyöalusta, on saanut 1,1 miljoonan euron rahoituksen – “Meidän kaikkien velvollisuus on taistella yhdessä ilmastonmuutosta vastaan”, sanoo toimitusjohtaja Santtu Hulkkonen

Kestävän talouden kasvuyritys SOLVED on kerännyt kahdella sijoituskierroksella 1,1 miljoonan euron rahoituksen. SOLVED on tähän mennessä kerännyt pääomaa yli kymmeneltä sijoittajalta kolmesta maasta. Syyskuussa...


Expert of the Week: Xiaowen Xiong – producing high performance in supply chain management areas

Our Expert of the Week Xiaowen Xiong has studied and worked in Finland since 2006, with extensive experience in supply chain management and program management...



Solved valittiin Suomen parhaaksi digitaaliseksi ratkaisuksi – ja nimettiin World Summit Awardsiin

Solved on nimetty vuoden 2018 World Summit Awards -kilpailuun. Solved valittiin kansallisen kisan voittajaksi ympäristöön ja vihreään energiaan keskittyneessä sarjassa. Solvedia kuvailtiin parhaaksi ja...



Solved was chosen as the best digital solution from Finland – and nominated for the World Summit Awards 2018

We are happy to announce that Solved was nominated for the World Summit Awards 2018. We were described as the best and most innovative...

Energy Sustainability


Solved goes Impact with Lightyear Acceleration

Our societies and environment are changing at an ever-increasing pace. Traditional structures and operating models do not completely keep up with the change. Within...


Case Solved: Sustainable holiday resort brings responsible travelers to Ruka, Kuusamo

Solved’s expert team made it possible to create a sustainable, wooden holiday home area in Lapland, Finland Today, it’s critical that hotels and resorts...

Energy Sustainability