Expert of the Week: Gloria Zuniga – “When you solve the challenge, you feel the force of moving mountains with your know-how”

Gloria Zuniga’s passion is the desire of working as a bridge between the two places she calls home, Finland and Colombia. She wants to...



Expert of the Week: Riina Mikkonen – “True value is created together with the users, not by guessing”

Riina Mikkonen is passionate about sustainable spaces and experience design. “Sustainable future and challenging the conventional is my passion and the only way to...



Expert of the Week: Mario Paroha – improving things and bringing them to real-life applications

Mario Paroha’s passion is exploring of new technologies, improving things and bringing them to real-life applications. Mario is interested in renewable energy sources, smart...



Research Blog: Tailored expertise to the forefront – What is best about working on the Solved platform?

Experts consider that they get to focus very specifically on their core expertise area When we talked with experts of the Solved platform in...


Expert of the Week: Zuzana Vranayova – reducing water consumption and introducing the water-saving culture

Zuzana Vranayova is a water engineer for buildings and university professor. “I want to contribute to the environment of our cities. The main challenge...

Sustainability Water


Expert of the Week: Nikolas Salomaa – “You can never know too much of physics”

Nikolas Salomaa has worked years with energy efficiency of buildings. He started out by building the first Passivhaus Institut-certified Passive House in Finland. It...



Expert of the Week: Anna Velander Gisslén – “If you once have opened someone’s eyes, they cannot close them again”

Anna Velander Gisslén is an engagement driven communicator and project executive that cares for inclusion and sustainability. She believes that ecodesign and digital innovation...



Expert of the Week: Shakil Regmi – creating mathematical links between the various dimensions of environment

Shakil Regmi’s passion is renewable energy, water and environment friendly infrastructure development through research. He wants to understand and create mathematical links between the...



Expert of the Week: Miika Kilgast – searching for solutions to utilize solar energy in the most economical ways

Miika Kilgast’s passion is to solve energy related problems in ecological and cost-effective way. Miika is searching for solutions to utilize solar energy in...



Expert of the Week: Hannu Hjerppe – “You have to go far enough to be able to look close”

Hannu Hjerppe is an industrial designer and CEO of his one-man-company Diff Design Oy, a design and 3D consultancy in Fiskars, Finland. Hannu’s work...