Expert of the Week: Gloria Zuniga – “When you solve the challenge, you feel the force of moving mountains with your know-how”

Gloria Zuniga’s passion is the desire of working as a bridge between the two places she calls home, Finland and Colombia. She wants to...



Expert of the Week: Maija Bergström – with a passion for urban issues

Maija Bergström is a social psychologist with an interest to practical applications, research and bettering the world. Urban issues are her passion, followed with...

Smart Cities


Companies changing their habits to save the planet – requesting Airbnb to add a category for sustainable homes

In October, thousands of people gathered in Helsinki to demand swift action on climate change. More ambitious targets, clear decisions and concrete actions were...



Solved valittiin Suomen parhaaksi digitaaliseksi ratkaisuksi – ja nimettiin World Summit Awardsiin

Solved on nimetty vuoden 2018 World Summit Awards -kilpailuun. Solved valittiin kansallisen kisan voittajaksi ympäristöön ja vihreään energiaan keskittyneessä sarjassa. Solvedia kuvailtiin parhaaksi ja...



Solved was chosen as the best digital solution from Finland – and nominated for the World Summit Awards 2018

We are happy to announce that Solved was nominated for the World Summit Awards 2018. We were described as the best and most innovative...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Sourav Adhikari – creating an alternative to plastic straws

Solved’s Expert of the Week Sourav Adhikari’s goal is to engage with startups and corporations with new business ideas and help them find the...



Solved goes Impact with Lightyear Acceleration

Our societies and environment are changing at an ever-increasing pace. Traditional structures and operating models do not completely keep up with the change. Within...


Case Solved: Sustainable holiday resort brings responsible travelers to Ruka, Kuusamo

Solved’s expert team made it possible to create a sustainable, wooden holiday home area in Lapland, Finland Today, it’s critical that hotels and resorts...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Alberto Gramegna – addressing sustainability in architecture

Our Expert of the Week Alberto Gramegna says that his interest is for an architecture careful to the territory and at the same time...



Expert of the Week: Irina Solonova – “Our life is a set of challenges. If we like solving them – then we enjoy life.”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Irina Solonova is fond of new technologies which make our life more effective and people environmental impact less destructive....