Expert of the Week: Jani Matsson – solution focused coaching in practice

Jani Matsson offers solution-focused coaching. Coaching can help you, your team or organization to see clearer what is important in your work, and how...

31.01.20195 min read

The rise of self-employed experts and project work – 6 skills for employees of the future

Work will increasingly be global, project-based and technology intensive, based on The Future Work in UK report. It is a trend that employers are investing...



Introducing the new SOLVED – Secure your spot at a webinar

We are very happy to announce that Solved has upgraded its platform with many enhancements and introduced a white-label solution to help sustainability networks...


Study: Entrepreneurial passion leads to work engagement and career benefits on the Solved Platform

First learnings from the on-going engagement measurement project by Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Solved – the Cleantech Company. The competitive advantage of...


Expert of the Week: Petra Erätuli-Kola – creating a new generation innovation culture

Solved’s Expert of the Week Petra Erätuli-Kola is a business-minded innovation, human resource, sales and management professional. “I love to find new ways of...



Work hard but smart – practical brain wellbeing tips from Heltti’s occupational psychologist Jaakko Sahimaa

We asked health care company Heltti’s occupational psychologist Jaakko Sahimaa how to keep your expert brain happy. Don’t drain your brain. As an expert...


Expert of the Week: Ludovit Garzik – “The barriers are not in technology or institutions, they are in our brains”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Ludovit Garzik is interested in research and innovation ecosystems. His special interest is in the mindset of people who...



Why virtual collaboration benefits all?

Trust is agreed to be a fundamental factor for cooperation among virtual workforce. Efficient communication practices are crucial for virtual collaboration and therefore organisation’s role in...



The whats, the whys and the hows in benchmarking – It´s now simpler than ever!

Benchmarking, when done right, gives answers to questions such as “What is my competition doing?” , “Does it work?”, “How can I leverage that?”...


04.07.20175 min read

Virtual collaboration – What? Why? How?

Word from an expert: New communities are forming around cleantech, wellbeing, cooking, sports, game industry and in research, in variety of different platforms. Professionally...