Expert of the Week: Eric Morel – advising smart energy clients

Eric Morel is the founder and CEO of Mach&Team, a consulting firm specialized in Energy Transition & Smart Energy established in 2010. Eric is...



Expert of the Week: Marleena Ahonen – “Everyone can make a difference”

Marleena Ahonen says that building a sustainable future and minimizing extensive environmental impacts is of essential importance as well as what drives her. This...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Mario Paroha – improving things and bringing them to real-life applications

Mario Paroha’s passion is exploring of new technologies, improving things and bringing them to real-life applications. Mario is interested in renewable energy sources, smart...



Expert of the Week: Nikolas Salomaa – “You can never know too much of physics”

Nikolas Salomaa has worked years with energy efficiency of buildings. He started out by building the first Passivhaus Institut-certified Passive House in Finland. It...



SOLVED finds cooperation with Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park in the UAE a very promising path

Oulu Region Delegation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Emirate of Sharjah from the United Arab Emirates SOLVED finds cooperation with Sharjah Research,...

Energy Smart Cities


Expert of the Week: Shakil Regmi – creating mathematical links between the various dimensions of environment

Shakil Regmi’s passion is renewable energy, water and environment friendly infrastructure development through research. He wants to understand and create mathematical links between the...



Expert of the Week: Miika Kilgast – searching for solutions to utilize solar energy in the most economical ways

Miika Kilgast’s passion is to solve energy related problems in ecological and cost-effective way. Miika is searching for solutions to utilize solar energy in...



Expert of the Week: Jojakim Sames – “We have no Planet B”

Our Expert of the Week Jojakim Sames works in the renewable business, where he can help to make the world a little – or big...



Expert of the Week: Frank Kinces – building as many renewable energy power plants as possible

Our Expert of the Week Frank Kinces says that his passion is to develop and build as many renewable energy power plants as possible...



Expert of the Week: David Hampson – “With Solved, I get to learn about the other aspects of the projects from mobility to urban design”

Solved’s Expert of the Week David Hampson is a renewable energy and project management specialist with a focus on renewable technologies and energy solutions...

Energy Sustainability