Introducing Åsa Hedman, Solved Business Lead from Porvoo, Finland

Hello Åsa! Could you tell us who are you and where do you come from? I am a 39,9  year old energy expert, mother,...

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Expert of the Week: Christo Balinow – innovation is the solution

Solved’s Expert of the Week is Christo Balinow. He works at KIC InnoEnergy as a Business Development Manager. The goal of the community is to...

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Expert of the Week: Zoltan Pasztory – promoting safety and knowledge management culture

Zoltan Pasztory has more than 30 years’ experience in nuclear industry working in the areas of maintenance, operations, technical support, project management and organization...

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Exploring smart cities in Texas – Solved travel diary

Texas is more than oil – it’s building smart cities Solved’s CEO Janne Hietaniemi just recently traveled in the North Texas visiting local Business...

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Solved goes to USA – exploring smart cities in California

California – famous of its environmentally conscious people Smart city development, new work and cleantech are hot topics in the United States. Therefore exploring...

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