Expert of the Week: Jani Matsson – solution focused coaching in practice

Jani Matsson offers solution-focused coaching. Coaching can help you, your team or organization to see clearer what is important in your work, and how...


Expert of the Week: Sophie Zhang – finding and initiating golden projects

Sophie Zhang has been working for projects between Finland and China since 2006. “The area we concentrate include investment to new technology and application...



Expert of the Week: Heli Nissilä – driving forth sustainable innovation

Heli Nissilä is an expert in sustainable business and mainstreaming sustainable innovation, for example, in new renewable energy technologies. “I have 10+ years of...



Expert of the Week: Andrea Orsag – “Sustainable future is the only future”

Sustainable future is the only future, says Andrea Orsag. Andrea is a consultant based in Amsterdam with 10 years of experience combining Risk Management,...



Expert of the Week: Christian von Staudt – overseeing the renewable energy projects and investments

Since late 2008 Christian von Staudt has been overseeing the renewable energy projects and investments of the AE Group as Managing Partner. Prior to...



Expert of the Week: Milla Koivisto – solving visual challenges and helping businesses communicate their purpose with passion

Milla Koivisto was brought up in the Finnish archipelago. Growing up in close contact with the natural world had a huge impact on her...



Expert of the Week: Maxim Amosov – “I truly believe that circular economy is only possible by bringing the key actors together”

Maxim Amosov is a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, facilitator and builder in the field of Circular Economy. Maxim is originally from Siberia, and living and...

Sustainability Water


Expert of the Week: Jarkko Vesa – “I am a fan of cross-disciplinary team bringing together people from different fields”

Dr. Jarkko Vesa has over 10 years of experience in the ICT industry, including software, hardware, semiconductors, at IBM, Nokia and AMD. Jarkko has...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Eline Leising – specializing in circular economy material flows

Eline Leising is specialized in circular economy and analyzing material flows and supply chains related to them. Eline is motivated to make a sustainable...



Expert of the Week: Chantal van Driel – developing circular economy and sustainable corporate innovation

Chantal van Driel says that sustainability is a focal point in both her professional and her private life. “My advisory projects mainly revolve around...