“How to trust someone you’ve not met in person?” – Solved’s Santtu Hulkkonen at “Roast of Solved”

Solved’s CEO Santtu Hulkkonen was roasted on Wednesday in Helsinki when Pöyry celebrated its 60th anniversary at the Finlandia Hall. Here are some highlights from...


Expert of the Week: Björn Silfverberg – enhancing sustainable development of urban and regional landuse

Björn Silfverberg’s passion is to enhance sustainable development of urban and regional landuse and work for preservation and diversity of nature. He also wants...



Expert of the Week: Jojakim Sames – “We have no Planet B”

Our Expert of the Week Jojakim Sames works in the renewable business, where he can help to make the world a little – or big...



Companies changing their habits to save the planet – requesting Airbnb to add a category for sustainable homes

In October, thousands of people gathered in Helsinki to demand swift action on climate change. More ambitious targets, clear decisions and concrete actions were...



Expert of the Week: Eva Berdisová – “Whatever single person does, it is usually done in a cooperation with others”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Eva Berdisová is a sustainability and project management professional. Eva says that solving challenges is a part of her attitude....



SOLVED, an online advisory service and collaboration platform, has raised €1,1 million – “Our responsibility is to fight climate change together”, says SOLVED’s CEO Santtu Hulkkonen

The green economy growth company SOLVED has raised approximately €1,1 million in its two investment rounds. SOLVED closed the second investment round at the...


SOLVED, kestävän talouden digitaalinen asiantuntijapalvelu ja yhteistyöalusta, on saanut 1,1 miljoonan euron rahoituksen – “Meidän kaikkien velvollisuus on taistella yhdessä ilmastonmuutosta vastaan”, sanoo toimitusjohtaja Santtu Hulkkonen

Kestävän talouden kasvuyritys SOLVED on kerännyt kahdella sijoituskierroksella 1,1 miljoonan euron rahoituksen. SOLVED on tähän mennessä kerännyt pääomaa yli kymmeneltä sijoittajalta kolmesta maasta. Syyskuussa...


Expert of the Week: Frank Kinces – building as many renewable energy power plants as possible

Our Expert of the Week Frank Kinces says that his passion is to develop and build as many renewable energy power plants as possible...



Expert of the Week: Janusz Kahl – helping companies in entering the Polish market

Solved’s Expert of the Week Janusz Kahl is a Danish citizen of Polish origin, living now in Krakow in Southern Poland. Since 1992 Janusz...



Expert of the Week: David Hampson – “With Solved, I get to learn about the other aspects of the projects from mobility to urban design”

Solved’s Expert of the Week David Hampson is a renewable energy and project management specialist with a focus on renewable technologies and energy solutions...

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