Expert of the Week: Katharina Paoli – believing in people, planet and profit working together

If you need an action oriented strategist with an entrepreneurial mindset that believes in people, planet and profit working together towards measurable results –...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Yusif Salam-zade – “I enjoy working with data and just playing around with numbers in general”

While studying at Metropolia UAC, Yusif Salam-zade did an internship at TNS Finland during which he mostly worked with carbon footprint studies. After his...

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Expert of the Week: Marleena Ahonen – “Everyone can make a difference”

Marleena Ahonen says that building a sustainable future and minimizing extensive environmental impacts is of essential importance as well as what drives her. This...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Michiel Maandag – “There needs to be something that captures everything you do”

Whatever you are selling, a product, an experience, a cause, there needs to be something that captures everything you do, says Michiel Maandag. If...


Expert of the Week: Kalina Vankova – planning sustainable cities for people

Kalina Vankova says that we live in times of great urban changes. The interconnections between the different categories of change are mutually reinforcing their...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Gloria Zuniga – “When you solve the challenge, you feel the force of moving mountains with your know-how”

Gloria Zuniga’s passion is the desire of working as a bridge between the two places she calls home, Finland and Colombia. She wants to...



Expert of the Week: Riina Mikkonen – “True value is created together with the users, not by guessing”

Riina Mikkonen is passionate about sustainable spaces and experience design. “Sustainable future and challenging the conventional is my passion and the only way to...



Expert of the Week: Mario Paroha – improving things and bringing them to real-life applications

Mario Paroha’s passion is exploring of new technologies, improving things and bringing them to real-life applications. Mario is interested in renewable energy sources, smart...


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The rise of self-employed experts and project work – 6 skills for employees of the future

Work will increasingly be global, project-based and technology intensive, based on The Future Work in UK report. It is a trend that employers are investing...



Research Blog: Tailored expertise to the forefront – What is best about working on the Solved platform?

Experts consider that they get to focus very specifically on their core expertise area When we talked with experts of the Solved platform in...