Expert of the Week: Jani Matsson – solution focused coaching in practice

Jani Matsson offers solution-focused coaching. Coaching can help you, your team or organization to see clearer what is important in your work, and how...


Expert of the Week: Sophie Zhang – finding and initiating golden projects

Sophie Zhang has been working for projects between Finland and China since 2006. “The area we concentrate include investment to new technology and application...



Expert of the Week: Heli Nissilä – driving forth sustainable innovation

Heli Nissilä is an expert in sustainable business and mainstreaming sustainable innovation, for example, in new renewable energy technologies. “I have 10+ years of...



Expert of the Week: Andrea Orsag – “Sustainable future is the only future”

Sustainable future is the only future, says Andrea Orsag. Andrea is a consultant based in Amsterdam with 10 years of experience combining Risk Management,...



Expert of the Week: Christian von Staudt – overseeing the renewable energy projects and investments

Since late 2008 Christian von Staudt has been overseeing the renewable energy projects and investments of the AE Group as Managing Partner. Prior to...



Expert of the Week: Milla Koivisto – solving visual challenges and helping businesses communicate their purpose with passion

Milla Koivisto was brought up in the Finnish archipelago. Growing up in close contact with the natural world had a huge impact on her...



Expert of the Week: Maxim Amosov – “I truly believe that circular economy is only possible by bringing the key actors together”

Maxim Amosov is a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, facilitator and builder in the field of Circular Economy. Maxim is originally from Siberia, and living and...

Sustainability Water


Expert of the Week: Jarkko Vesa – “I am a fan of cross-disciplinary team bringing together people from different fields”

Dr. Jarkko Vesa has over 10 years of experience in the ICT industry, including software, hardware, semiconductors, at IBM, Nokia and AMD. Jarkko has...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Eline Leising – specializing in circular economy material flows

Eline Leising is specialized in circular economy and analyzing material flows and supply chains related to them. Eline is motivated to make a sustainable...



Expert of the Week: Chantal van Driel – developing circular economy and sustainable corporate innovation

Chantal van Driel says that sustainability is a focal point in both her professional and her private life. “My advisory projects mainly revolve around...



Expert of the Week: Eric Morel – advising smart energy clients

Eric Morel is the founder and CEO of Mach&Team, a consulting firm specialized in Energy Transition & Smart Energy established in 2010. Eric is...



Expert of the Week: Danka Kravčíková – mapping and landscape surveying

Danka Kravčíková is an expert in mapping and landscape surveying. Danka has years of experience in managing projects from concept phase to completion. “My background...


Expert of the Week: Alexander Kercevic – “Action speaks louder than words”

Alexander Kercevic works for Bluewater, a world leading water purification company with its global headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Bluewater innovates, manufactures and commercializes compact...



Expert of the Week: Anna Broberg – developing tools to aid public participation

Anna Broberg is a planning geographer by origin. As part of her PhD studies on urban structures and children’s mobility at Aalto University, she...



Expert of the Week: Katharina Paoli – believing in people, planet and profit working together

If you need an action oriented strategist with an entrepreneurial mindset that believes in people, planet and profit working together towards measurable results –...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Yusif Salam-zade – “I enjoy working with data and just playing around with numbers in general”

While studying at Metropolia UAC, Yusif Salam-zade did an internship at TNS Finland during which he mostly worked with carbon footprint studies. After his...

Sustainability Water


Expert of the Week: Marleena Ahonen – “Everyone can make a difference”

Marleena Ahonen says that building a sustainable future and minimizing extensive environmental impacts is of essential importance as well as what drives her. This...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Michiel Maandag – “There needs to be something that captures everything you do”

Whatever you are selling, a product, an experience, a cause, there needs to be something that captures everything you do, says Michiel Maandag. If...


Expert of the Week: Kalina Vankova – planning sustainable cities for people

Kalina Vankova says that we live in times of great urban changes. The interconnections between the different categories of change are mutually reinforcing their...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Gloria Zuniga – “When you solve the challenge, you feel the force of moving mountains with your know-how”

Gloria Zuniga’s passion is the desire of working as a bridge between the two places she calls home, Finland and Colombia. She wants to...



Expert of the Week: Riina Mikkonen – “True value is created together with the users, not by guessing”

Riina Mikkonen is passionate about sustainable spaces and experience design. “Sustainable future and challenging the conventional is my passion and the only way to...



Expert of the Week: Mario Paroha – improving things and bringing them to real-life applications

Mario Paroha’s passion is exploring of new technologies, improving things and bringing them to real-life applications. Mario is interested in renewable energy sources, smart...


31.01.20195 min read

The rise of self-employed experts and project work – 6 skills for employees of the future

Work will increasingly be global, project-based and technology intensive, based on The Future Work in UK report. It is a trend that employers are investing...



Research Blog: Tailored expertise to the forefront – What is best about working on the Solved platform?

Experts consider that they get to focus very specifically on their core expertise area When we talked with experts of the Solved platform in...


Expert of the Week: Zuzana Vranayova – reducing water consumption and introducing the water-saving culture

Zuzana Vranayova is a water engineer for buildings and university professor. “I want to contribute to the environment of our cities. The main challenge...

Sustainability Water


Expert of the Week: Nikolas Salomaa – “You can never know too much of physics”

Nikolas Salomaa has worked years with energy efficiency of buildings. He started out by building the first Passivhaus Institut-certified Passive House in Finland. It...



SOLVED finds cooperation with Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park in the UAE a very promising path

Oulu Region Delegation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Emirate of Sharjah from the United Arab Emirates SOLVED finds cooperation with Sharjah Research,...

Energy Smart Cities


Expert of the Week: Anna Velander Gisslén – “If you once have opened someone’s eyes, they cannot close them again”

Anna Velander Gisslén is an engagement driven communicator and project executive that cares for inclusion and sustainability. She believes that ecodesign and digital innovation...



Expert of the Week: Shakil Regmi – creating mathematical links between the various dimensions of environment

Shakil Regmi’s passion is renewable energy, water and environment friendly infrastructure development through research. He wants to understand and create mathematical links between the...



Expert of the Week: Miika Kilgast – searching for solutions to utilize solar energy in the most economical ways

Miika Kilgast’s passion is to solve energy related problems in ecological and cost-effective way. Miika is searching for solutions to utilize solar energy in...



Expert of the Week: Hannu Hjerppe – “You have to go far enough to be able to look close”

Hannu Hjerppe is an industrial designer and CEO of his one-man-company Diff Design Oy, a design and 3D consultancy in Fiskars, Finland. Hannu’s work...



Expert of the Week: Anna Pakkala – “Find partners, don’t be afraid of the new, and start experimenting”

Anna Pakkala says that she gets excited when working at reducing environmental footprints through innovative business solutions. “In my daily work I wear two...



Expert of the Week: Kristina Tauchmannova – passionate about clean technologies

Our Expert of the Week Kristina Tauchmannova is passionate about clean technologies. Kristina studied MSc. in economics and business administration, management of innovation and...



Expert of the Week: Maija Bergström – with a passion for urban issues

Maija Bergström is a social psychologist with an interest to practical applications, research and bettering the world. Urban issues are her passion, followed with...

Smart Cities


We’re hiring: Two Regional Sales Managers (Nordics and Central Europe)

We are looking for two (2) experienced full-time REGIONAL SALES MANAGERS (Nordics and Central Europe) to join our core team. SOLVED is revolutionizing the expert industry: from...


“How to trust someone you’ve not met in person?” – Solved’s Santtu Hulkkonen at “Roast of Solved”

Solved’s CEO Santtu Hulkkonen was roasted on Wednesday in Helsinki when Pöyry celebrated its 60th anniversary at the Finlandia Hall. Here are some highlights from...


Expert of the Week: Björn Silfverberg – enhancing sustainable development of urban and regional landuse

Björn Silfverberg’s passion is to enhance sustainable development of urban and regional landuse and work for preservation and diversity of nature. He also wants...



Expert of the Week: Jojakim Sames – “We have no Planet B”

Our Expert of the Week Jojakim Sames works in the renewable business, where he can help to make the world a little – or big...



Companies changing their habits to save the planet – requesting Airbnb to add a category for sustainable homes

In October, thousands of people gathered in Helsinki to demand swift action on climate change. More ambitious targets, clear decisions and concrete actions were...



Expert of the Week: Eva Berdisová – “Whatever single person does, it is usually done in a cooperation with others”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Eva Berdisová is a sustainability and project management professional. Eva says that solving challenges is a part of her attitude....



SOLVED, an online advisory service and collaboration platform, has raised €1,1 million – “Our responsibility is to fight climate change together”, says SOLVED’s CEO Santtu Hulkkonen

The green economy growth company SOLVED has raised approximately €1,1 million in its two investment rounds. SOLVED closed the second investment round at the...


SOLVED, kestävän talouden digitaalinen asiantuntijapalvelu ja yhteistyöalusta, on saanut 1,1 miljoonan euron rahoituksen – “Meidän kaikkien velvollisuus on taistella yhdessä ilmastonmuutosta vastaan”, sanoo toimitusjohtaja Santtu Hulkkonen

Kestävän talouden kasvuyritys SOLVED on kerännyt kahdella sijoituskierroksella 1,1 miljoonan euron rahoituksen. SOLVED on tähän mennessä kerännyt pääomaa yli kymmeneltä sijoittajalta kolmesta maasta. Syyskuussa...


Expert of the Week: Frank Kinces – building as many renewable energy power plants as possible

Our Expert of the Week Frank Kinces says that his passion is to develop and build as many renewable energy power plants as possible...



Expert of the Week: Janusz Kahl – helping companies in entering the Polish market

Solved’s Expert of the Week Janusz Kahl is a Danish citizen of Polish origin, living now in Krakow in Southern Poland. Since 1992 Janusz...



Expert of the Week: David Hampson – “With Solved, I get to learn about the other aspects of the projects from mobility to urban design”

Solved’s Expert of the Week David Hampson is a renewable energy and project management specialist with a focus on renewable technologies and energy solutions...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Xiaowen Xiong – producing high performance in supply chain management areas

Our Expert of the Week Xiaowen Xiong has studied and worked in Finland since 2006, with extensive experience in supply chain management and program management...



Solved valittiin Suomen parhaaksi digitaaliseksi ratkaisuksi – ja nimettiin World Summit Awardsiin

Solved on nimetty vuoden 2018 World Summit Awards -kilpailuun. Solved valittiin kansallisen kisan voittajaksi ympäristöön ja vihreään energiaan keskittyneessä sarjassa. Solvedia kuvailtiin parhaaksi ja...



Expert of the Week: Krzysztof Tabiszewski – developing the hyperloop transportation system

Solved’s Expert of the Week Krzysztof Tabiszewski develops new, disruptive form of transportation that will be faster and more reliable. “Current modes of transportation are...


Solved was chosen as the best digital solution from Finland – and nominated for the World Summit Awards 2018

We are happy to announce that Solved was nominated for the World Summit Awards 2018. We were described as the best and most innovative...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Kati Manskinen – improving resource efficiency and circulating by-products

Our Expert of the Week Kati Manskinen promotes the profitability of companies through sustainability. Kati wants to develop new methods to improve resource efficiency...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Sourav Adhikari – creating an alternative to plastic straws

Solved’s Expert of the Week Sourav Adhikari’s goal is to engage with startups and corporations with new business ideas and help them find the...



Expert of the Week: Elina Grigoriou – “You don’t have to compromise on style to achieve sustainability”

Our Expert of the Week Elina Grigoriou is passionate about sustainable design for commercial spaces. In addition to having an eye for aesthetics, Elina...



Solved goes Impact with Lightyear Acceleration

Our societies and environment are changing at an ever-increasing pace. Traditional structures and operating models do not completely keep up with the change. Within...


Expert of the Week: Khaleel Shehu Ibrahim – focusing on renewable energy project development, financing and planning

Solved’s Expert of the Week Khaleel Shehu Ibrahim is an Energy Systems Consultant with more than 16 years professional experience. His special focus is...



Case Solved: Sustainable holiday resort brings responsible travelers to Ruka, Kuusamo

Solved’s expert team made it possible to create a sustainable, wooden holiday home area in Lapland, Finland Today, it’s critical that hotels and resorts...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Alberto Gramegna – addressing sustainability in architecture

Our Expert of the Week Alberto Gramegna says that his interest is for an architecture careful to the territory and at the same time...



Solved is a national finalist in the Nordic Startup Awards – vote for us!

Solved was selected as a finalist in the Finnish National Startup Finale in Startup of the year and Best Social Impact Startup. The winners will...


Expert of the Week: Zuzana Prochazkova – “I think it is important to promote the sustainable lifestyle and educate especially young people”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Zuzana Prochazkova believes in the importance of sustainable development and lifestyle responsible to the environment. “One of the most...



Expert of the Week: Henri Horn – finding the most viable technical solution to balancing local energy demand

Solved’s Expert of the Week Henri Horn works on development aid, advising on technical issues in the energy sector. Henri’s previous employment in the...



Expert of the Week: Jing Xu – “Smooth supply chain management is crucial for 24/7 production”

Our Expert of the Week Jing Xu has 8 years working experience in testing, inspections, certification and verifications in photovoltaic and semiconductor industry. She...



Expert of the Week: Irina Solonova – “Our life is a set of challenges. If we like solving them – then we enjoy life.”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Irina Solonova is fond of new technologies which make our life more effective and people environmental impact less destructive....



Expert of the Week: Evija Pudane – creating communication bridges between Europe and Asia

Solved’s Expert of the Week Evija Pudane is the strategic development director in Bridgit. “I’m responsible for creating communication bridges between Europe and Central...



Expert of the Week: Brett Guerringue – a deep fascination for sustainability

Our Expert of the Week Brett Guerringue is an International Relations and Environmental Policy graduate of American University in Washington, D.C. “I possess a...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Hrafnhildur Bragadóttir – specializing in the law of climate change and air pollution

Solved’s Expert of the Week Hrafnhildur Bragadóttir has worked solely in the field of environmental law, as a researcher, part-time university lecturer and a...


Introducing the new SOLVED – Secure your spot at a webinar

We are very happy to announce that Solved has upgraded its platform with many enhancements and introduced a white-label solution to help sustainability networks...


Expert of the Week: Behnam Zakeri – an expert in quantitative analysis and systems engineering

Our Expert of the Week Behnam Zakeri is passionate about the solutions that promise a more creative, happier, more environmental-friendly, healthier, and more inclusive...



Expert of the Week: Jenni Selosmaa – transforming the economy

Solved’s Expert of the Week Jenni Selosmaa works in the areas of sustainable economy and economic equality. “I lead an inclusive project in Nicehearts,...


Expert of the Week: Johanna Tarvainen-Lee – bridging gaps, differences and distances

Solved’s Expert of the Week Johanna Tarvainen-Lee is the the owner and lead consultant at Merenbridge. She aims to be the most trusted bridge-builder...


Expert of the Week: Dmitry Sazonov – a great problem solver is well-qualified, passionate and focused

Our Expert of the Week Dmitry Sazonov creates valuable concepts to make current processes more effective and sustainable. Dmitry started his career in projects...



Expert of the Week: Diana Gheorghiu – solving challenges is a trait of human nature

Solved’s Expert of the Week Diana Gheorghiu is an environmental consultant with 10 years of experience. Diana has participated in a series of environmental...


Expert of the Week: Eric Bruun – making cities more livable

Solved’s Expert of the Week Eric Bruun says that his passion is to improve the sustainability of cities while simultaneously making them more livable....

Smart Cities Sustainability


Solved mukaan Business Finlandin Nuoret Innovatiiviset Yritykset (NIY) -ohjelmaan – yritys etsii uusia kumppaneita vauhdittaakseen kasvuaan entisestään

Solved on valittu Business Finlandin Nuoret Innovatiiviset Yritykset (NIY) -ohjelmaan. Solved käyttää rahoitusta kansainvälistymiseen, digitaalisen alustan kehittämiseen ja yhteisön kasvattamiseen. Solved on päässyt Business...


Solved receives Young Innovative Company funding – and is now seeking new partners to grow faster

Solved was selected for Business Finland’s Young Innovative Company funding programme. Solved will use the funding to boost internationalization, platform development and community building....


Expert of the Week: Susanna Fräki – “New innovations define the future of the planet”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Susanna Fräki believes that design is the enabler in the transformation towards the circular economy. “New innovations, being services...



Expert of the Week: Ado Juráček – “Graphic design can help to improve our environment”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Ado Juráček has studied graphic design at Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava. After his graduation Ado...



Expert of the Week: Taina Haapamäki – integrating traditional and new mobility services

Solved’s Expert of the Week Taina Haapamäki is a transportation professional with 10+ combined years of specializing in transport infrastructure appraisal, policy and technology...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Ambrose Kwankam Njila – finding solutions to global threats of environmental degradation

Solved’s Expert of the Week Ambrose Kwankam Njila says that his interests are in natural resource governance and environmental policy design and implementation. “I...



Expert of the Week: Matej Michlík – bridging design and technologies

Solved’s Expert of the Week Matej Michlík says that he is deeply worried about the unsustainability of civilization’s current lifestyle. “It is too easy...



Expert of the Week: Adina Socol – creating sustainable growth through design thinking

Solved’s Expert of the Week Adina Socol is passionate about creating sustainable, user-centered designed environments for people. She is a creative professional from Romania...



Solved’s new CEO is Santtu Hulkkonen – The company is rotating its CEO as planned

Co-founders Janne Hietaniemi and Santtu Hulkkonen are changing roles within Solved as planned. Shaping the future of work begins with our own actions, they...


Solvedin uusi toimitusjohtaja on Santtu Hulkkonen – yritys kierrättää johtoa suunnitellusti

Solvedin perustajat Janne Hietaniemi ja Santtu Hulkkonen vaihtavat tehtäviään sovitusti. Työn tulevaisuus lähtee omista teoistamme, he sanovat. Solved – The Cleantech Companyn perustajat Janne Hietaniemi...


Blockchain technology will disrupt the energy sector

Solved will participate in EventHorizon 2018 in April. Why it is such an important event? In April 2018, energy and blockchain experts will meet...



Expert of the Week: Veronika Hlinicanova – “A great problem solver has a well-set moral compass”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Veronika Hlinicanova is currently leading ‘Vivid Square’, a project of urban regeneration and placemaking in Bratislava. Veronika says that her...

Smart Cities


Expert of the Week: Ayeldeen Mohamed – exploring sustainable construction

Our Expert of the Week Ayeldeen Mohamed says that his passion is to find and test new green materials in the construction sector. “I’m...

Smart Cities


Expert of the Week: Zoran Poljanec – drones can help the environment

Solved’s Expert of the Week Zoran Poljanec is a biologist who has been working as an environmental protection expert in Croatia for the last decade. Zoran works...



Uusi tapahtumasarja “Smart Up Thursday” yhdistää kestävän kehityksen ja cleantechin osaajat Helsingin Altaalla

Kestävän kehityksen ja cleantechin huippujen järjestämässä kaikille avoimessa tapahtumien sarjassa kerrotaan alan uusimmista tuotteista, palveluista ja yhteistyömahdollisuuksista. Kerran kuukaudessa torstaisin järjestettävä Smart Up Thursday...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Smart Up Thursdays are here – Solved launches new event series for sustainability and cleantech enthusiasts

Smart Up Thursdays accelerate sustainable development by activating discussion within the community of cleantech and sustainability professionals and enabling connections and knowledge-sharing. Solved is...



Expert of the Week: Hana Ovesna – leading and preparing construction development projects

Solved’s Expert of the Week Hana Ovesna is a passionate and experienced project manager leading and preparing construction development projects in the Slovak Republic...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Michael Hanf – finding the best solutions to sustainability, cleantech and circular economy challenges

Solved’s Expert of the Week Michael Hanf is an Executive Partner at Taival, an advisory focused on helping companies understand and utilize the disruptive...



3 must-knows about the social media marketing in China

On Monday, dozens of marketers participated in the Effective Marketing & Communications in China event in Helsinki. The event was organized by Nordic Friend and...


The rise of the sustainable consumer – and the need for transparent business

A responsible way of living is the way where you assume responsibility for your decisions and your actions to produce waste, to throw away...



Expert of the Week: Elina Warsta – a forest products professional with strong background in research and internationalization

Solved’s Expert of the Week Elina Warsta is a forest products engineer with strong background in research and teaching, specialized in advanced analytical methods...



Expert of the Week: Aleksi Rastas – “Think BIG and LOCAL”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Aleksi Rastas is a founder and the managing partner of future-oriented design agency MUUAN. His passion is to design socially,...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Meaza Cheru – cleaning and greening cities

Solved’s Expert of the Week Meaza Cheru says that her greatest challenge so far was moving to Finland and adjusting to the lifestyle which...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Pekka Riippi – creating value and sustainable growth

Our Expert of the Week Pekka Riippi says that his passion is to help Finnish companies to be more competitive in international markets. Pekka...



Study: Entrepreneurial passion leads to work engagement and career benefits on the Solved Platform

First learnings from the on-going engagement measurement project by Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Solved – the Cleantech Company. The competitive advantage of...


Expert of the Week: Elina Peltola – “There are always things to be improved”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Elina Peltola has over ten years of progressive experience within sales, supply chain and sourcing management and proven ability...



Expert of the Week: Andrew Eil – finding creative solutions and interacting with local partners

Solved’s Expert of the Week Andrew Eil is an independent consultant specializing in climate change and clean energy policy, impact investing, and international development....

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Cristiana Arcidiacono-Bàrsony – “Expertise alone is not enough, a good understanding of local issues is important to succeed”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Cristiana Arcidiacono-Bàrsony is specialized in the field of environment and development. She has a strong knowledge about current environmental...



Expert of the Week: Amos Ncube – fostering green industry strategies in Zimbabwe and in several other African countries

Solved’s Expert of the Week Amos Ncube has experience in carrying out research and developmental support services in Zimbabwe and the Southern African Development...



Expert of the Week: Pekka Kantola – “Do not settle for the first, obvious solution to the problem”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Pekka Kantola says that his passion is to create profitable and sustainable green business. Lately, he has been working...



Solved 2017 recap – the year of cities, solutions and collaboration

What a year this has been! We have met hundreds of clients, experts and partners and developed our tailored offerings. The journey began in...



Expert of the Week: Anneli Fischer – fostering cooperation and knowledge exchange on a global level

Solved’s Expert of the Week Anneli Fischer says that her passion is to lead projects which should empower organizations to manage social, environmental, and...



Solved introduces ‘Solved Together’, a new collaboration tool for business ecosystems

We are proud to announce that we have launched a new service called Solved Together. Now our clients can solve their sustainability challenges even more efficiently....



Expert of the Week: Petra Erätuli-Kola – creating a new generation innovation culture

Solved’s Expert of the Week Petra Erätuli-Kola is a business-minded innovation, human resource, sales and management professional. “I love to find new ways of...



Expert of the Week: Petri Ojanen – insulation makes a difference

Solved’s Expert of the Week Petri Ojanen is a HVAC and energy engineer, specialized in technical insulation. The term HVAC refers to the three...

Energy Smart Cities


Thank you for attending our Slush Afterwork last night – see the wrap up of the event!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Slush Afterwork event “SmartUPCleanUP” last night at Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki. The house was full of...



Expert of the Week: Ravi Mikkelsen – “We must switch to system thinking rather than individual solutions thinking”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Ravi Mikkelsen has been in clean energy for just about half of his life now, working on different technologies,...



Expert of the Week: Stephen Kenihan – improving the quality of people’s local environment

Solved’s Expert of the Week Stephen Kenihan is an environment and development adviser. He has over 15 years experience in the management of energy...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Konsta Sirvio – road condition forecasting and maintenance work optimization

Solved’s Expert of the Week Konsta Sirvio defended his dissertation “Advances in predictive maintenance planning of roads by empirical models” in October 2017.  In the dissertation,...

Smart Cities


Solved ja maailmanlaajuinen United Smart Cities -ohjelma aloittavat yhteistyön – kaupungeille apua kiperien haasteiden ratkaisemiseen

Digitaalinen asiantuntijapalvelu Solved ja globaali kaupunkiohjelma United Smart Cities (USC) aloittavat yhteistyön, jonka tavoitteena on helpottaa urbanisoitumiseen liittyvien haasteiden ratkaisemista. Solved tarjoaa United Smart Citiesille (USC) räätälöidyn...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Solved and the global city program United Smart Cities start cooperation – the aim is to realize smart urban projects by offering the most extensive solutions for cities

United Smart Cities (USC) and Solved – The Cleantech Company aim to become the most extensive global initiative to build scalable and comprehensive solutions...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Collaboration opportunity: we are looking for early-stage Arctic project ideas – submit your challenge by 21 Nov 2017

What is the Arctic challenge we should solve together with our experts and partners? Tell us and we’ll help you solve it. Challenges in...



Expert of the Week: Zsombor Barta – improving sustainability in cities

Our Expert of the Week is Zsombor Barta. His fields of competence include, among others, team leadership and management, sustainability practice, green building rating systems,...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Work hard but smart – practical brain wellbeing tips from Heltti’s occupational psychologist Jaakko Sahimaa

We asked health care company Heltti’s occupational psychologist Jaakko Sahimaa how to keep your expert brain happy. Don’t drain your brain. As an expert...


Expert of the Week: Niklas Kaskeala – protecting our winters for the future

Solved’s Expert of the Week Niklas Kaskeala is the founder of Protect Our Winters Finland, the Finnish affiliate of the international Protect Our Winters...



Expert of the Week: Alanus von Radecki – “Cities are the places where we need to solve the great challenges of our time”

Our Expert of the Week Alanus von Radecki is an experienced Head of Urban Governance Innovation.  “I think cities are the places where we...

Smart Cities


Two new dev positions in Žilina (Slovakia), Solved – The Cleantech Company

We currently have 2 open Frontend Developer positions in the Solved Žilina (Slovakia) office. We are aiming to fill these positions quickly. Apply now. In...


Expert of the Week: Zuzana Kopajova – the desire to improve should come from within and not to be imposed

Solved’s Expert of the Week Zuzana Kopajova says that if a situation seems stalled or hopeless, it might just require a bit more time....


Expert of the Week: Susanna Kiijärvi – “When looking for financing, a combination of expertise, persistence and an ambitious vision is needed”

Expert of the Week Susanna Kiijärvi is an entrepreneurial spirit specialised in international public financing, using business intelligence to shape sustainable strategies, identifying new...



Sustainability is the key to business success – 5 tips for sustainability communications

Solved is a “born-sustainable” company. All our projects and actions aim to be environmentally positive – we want to make things much better, not just...



Expert of the Week: Kata Konstantin – a professional problem solver is adaptable, calm, and humble to others and to the challenge

Kata Konstantin is a professional lawyer with several years of experience in the fields of energy and environmental law, not to mention the waste...



Our Purpose: Solved will change the way things are done – locally and globally

The world is changing faster than at any time in human history. The two key drivers are climate change and the change of work. The...



Looking for partners in health and bio, manufacturing and food industries in the Southwest Finland

There are still a few slots open for businesses within the health and bio, manufacturing, and food industries within the Finland Proper Region to...



Expert of the Week: Frédéric Pavesi – “We can be stronger by cooperating than by competing”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Frédéric Pavesi wants to help and support projects having a sustainable aim. Frédéric promotes solutions in relation with the...



Saving the Baltic Sea – Submit your proposal by the end of September

Baltic Sea needs active people and innovative solutions. Submit your project proposals for the Baltic Sea Project by 30th of September! In August, Solved and...



Expert of the Week: Ida Bergmann – increasing sustainability in order to protect our environment

Solved’s Expert of the Week Ida Bergmann is currently working at Aalto University School of Engineering at projects related to offshore wind energy and...

Energy Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Ludovit Garzik – “The barriers are not in technology or institutions, they are in our brains”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Ludovit Garzik is interested in research and innovation ecosystems. His special interest is in the mindset of people who...



Expert of the Week: Kari I. Mattila – “Ask why, and repeat that at least 5 times, to really get to the root”

Solved’s Expert of the Week Kari I. Mattila has a proven track record on developing and implementing management systems and change programs. Aside of...



Expert of the Week: Colin Black – making transport more sustainable

Solved’s Expert of the Week Colin Black is a highly experienced and internationally recognised consultant specialising in Transportation Demand Management (TDM).  Colin has a...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Introducing Åsa Hedman, Solved Business Lead from Porvoo, Finland

Hello Åsa! Could you tell us who are you and where do you come from? I am a 39,9  year old energy expert, mother,...

Energy Sustainability


Why virtual collaboration benefits all?

Trust is agreed to be a fundamental factor for cooperation among virtual workforce. Efficient communication practices are crucial for virtual collaboration and therefore organisation’s role in...



Expert of the Week: Christo Balinow – innovation is the solution

Solved’s Expert of the Week is Christo Balinow. He works at KIC InnoEnergy as a Business Development Manager. The goal of the community is to...

Energy Sustainability


Dissolving pulp for the textile industry – sustainable clothing from viscosis

Did you know what viscosis is made out of?  Many people do not. Stora Enso, Enocell mill Joensuu factory produces fibres for textile industry...



Expert of the Week: Juha Karppinen – developing energy storages and harsh-environment electronics

Our Expert of the Week Juha Karppinen is a Doctor of Science working currently at Helen Oy with focus on development of on-grid energy...

Energy Smart Cities


The whats, the whys and the hows in benchmarking – It´s now simpler than ever!

Benchmarking, when done right, gives answers to questions such as “What is my competition doing?” , “Does it work?”, “How can I leverage that?”...



Expert of the Week: Elina Wanne – problem solvers aren’t born, they learn by doing

Solved’s Expert of the Week Elina Wanne is a materials scientist with strong desire to create happiness in sustainable society. “Recycling and circular economy...

Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Erik Holmqvist – focusing on sustainability and climate change mitigation

Solved’s Expert of the Week Erik Holmqvist is an international climate change expert focusing on project development, implementation, evaluation and public procurement. Erik says...



Expert of the Week: David Witkowski – a troubleshooter with a strong desire to fix problems

David Witkowski is a results-oriented polymath and recognized leader with a background in engineering and applied physics, specializing in wireless and telecommunications. “I’ve always...

Smart Cities


Expert of the Week: Soheil Zeinali – creating a better life for the next generation, who otherwise would inherit all problems

Solved’s Expert of the Week Soheil Zeinali is a skilled professional manager in various fields – such as construction, property, energy, facility and supply...



Expert of the Week: Otso Tolonen – cooperation is the key to successful sustainable solutions

Solved’s Expert of the Week Otso Tolonen aims to find that sweet spot between business and sustainability – by especially considering environmental factors and latest...

Energy Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Salem Afeworki – helping people to embrace change and think differently

Solved’s Expert of the Week Salem Afeworki is a passionate sustainability and climate change professional based in Southern California.  She is the Program Director...


04.07.20175 min read

Virtual collaboration – What? Why? How?

Word from an expert: New communities are forming around cleantech, wellbeing, cooking, sports, game industry and in research, in variety of different platforms. Professionally...



Expert of the Week: Zoltan Pasztory – promoting safety and knowledge management culture

Zoltan Pasztory has more than 30 years’ experience in nuclear industry working in the areas of maintenance, operations, technical support, project management and organization...

Energy Sustainability

26.06.20175 min read

Pollution is the enemy of your skin – what the world can learn from Korean sheet masks?

Your life is written on your skin, and it probably needs moisturizing. Consumers are more aware of skin health nowadays, as outdoor and indoor air...



Exploring smart cities in Texas – Solved travel diary

Texas is more than oil – it’s building smart cities Solved’s CEO Janne Hietaniemi just recently traveled in the North Texas visiting local Business...

Energy Smart Cities Sustainability


Solved expert team helped San Diego County to choose the right renewable energy provider

Water is in the middle of debate in San Diego and throughout Southern California. San Diego County Water Authority chose Solved to find holistic solutions to...

Energy Smart Cities Sustainability


Expert of the Week: Rita Isiba with passion for the art and science in business

Solved’s Expert of the Week is Rita Isiba. She has a passion for the art and science of business, facilitating a deal and brainstorming.  “Coupled...



Complex sustainability challenges are solved by on-demand expert teams

Our city has a plan to get a tram and year-round bicycle connections between the university campus and downtown. It will be the smartest...

Smart Cities


Solved goes to USA – exploring smart cities in California

California – famous of its environmentally conscious people Smart city development, new work and cleantech are hot topics in the United States. Therefore exploring...

Energy Smart Cities Sustainability


Greetings to smart cities from the Metro Online 2017 Conference

Solved´s Heikki Ojaniemi joined Metro On Line 2017 Conference together with Radoslav Mizera to build networks, to share success stories from Oulu and to...

Smart Cities Sustainability

28.04.20175 min read

Expanding business opportunities with development banks

A variety of international financial institutions provide financing and advisory services for development. This is what you need to know. Multilateral development banks are...

Smart Cities Sustainability