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Blockchain technology will disrupt the energy sector


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Solved will participate in EventHorizon 2018 in April. Why it is such an important event?

In April 2018, energy and blockchain experts will meet at EventHorizon 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

The energy sector is transforming fast, and some experts say that the blockchain technology will solve many management challenges in the sector. The blockchain technology is an opportunity for energy consumers – or prosumers – and producers because it will transform the way communities and organizations use energy. The blockchain technology will also enable peer-to-peer energy exchange.

Last year EventHorizon took place in Vienna with 550 guests from 36 countries. This year more than 30 international speakers, 40 startups, pioneers, experts and visionaries will meet in Berlin. Solved will also participate in the event – by connecting blockchain and energy experts, the world’s energy challenges can be solved.

Blockchain is a technology that makes it easy to store data without a central authority. Blockchain may sound like a buzzword from the financial sector but it has already changed the way people see the financial world. It will also speed up the transformation of the energy sector.

Blockchain can change the world of energy by:

  1. Improving grids, transmission and distribution
  2. Empowering consumers and households to sell power back into grid
  3. Establishing new clean financing and trading systems
  4. Creating peer-to-peer energy markets
  5. Enhancing transparency of the energy sector

See you at EventHorizon 2018 in April. If you want to meet us, please drop us a line

Learn more about blockchain and energy – “Genesis of Energy Blockchain” by Gavin Wood.